“Any Which Way” Video


This video combined everything I like: sushi, big hair, shredded clothes and megaphones.

Any Which Way — Scissor Sisters

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Your Girl is Lovely

Recently re-watched “The Way We Were.” I think Robert Redford in this movie is my new style inspiration… well, mainly just this outfit and all of the khaki military garb:

Also, here is how I will be dressing for class come September (as all three, of course):

[Pollack, Streisand and Redford on the set in 1973]

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Amy :: Blogged

Here is a shot of Amy, fashion-caught by Ellen Dahl Lawson of The Minneapolis at my sale. Isn’t she gorgeous?

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Whole Top Diamonds, Bottom Rose Gold

Lots to say.

Here are some of the ridiculous promo shots done by the lovely Amy Gee for my Trunk Sale at June Resale last weekend, followed up with two pictures from the actual sale. Daune Stinson (the owner of June) is in LA for the week, but my stuff will actually be available in the store for the remainder of August after she returns. If you missed the sale, you’ve still got a good chance of nabbing some good finds. Let’s all laugh on how much of a not model I am. GO!

What else? Christian had his opera recital and I couldn’t help but buying him this John Derian paperweight, even though I don’t think I’ve ever seen a paperweight used ever in my life except possibly for murdering someone in a daytime soap opera. Christian’s love for pugs knows no bounds:

Now watch this and try not to cry:

Okay, that’s it for now. I’m pulling together a list of jewelry I’m lusting for so that will be posted tonight before I head to LA for the weekend!

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From the Creativity File: For August

Here are some random photos from my creativity file. This is how I’m thinking of gearing up for August. This goes out to Nigel at Miyagi, who reminded me of this blog.

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Doodling, National Coming Out Week

Here is the ever-brilliant Lady GaGa speaking at the national march for GLBT rights on Washington. Only in the QSCC can you go from watching Toy Story 2 to Lady GaGa’s speech to hockey highlights.

Also, I have a new obsession, Shingai Shoniwa of the noisettes. Gimme a British diva any day of the week and you know I will squeal with delight. Her hair is absolute perfection.






My favorite is when her hair is crazy and structured and so are her outfits (like in the above picture). I need V to do a shoot of her in only Jil Sander. I smell style icon. I have their new CD “Wild Young Hearts,” but I just can’t get past the title track. It’s been on repeat on my iTunes for a couple of weeks now.

Also, Kara and I went as zombie Chuck and Blair for the Zombie Pub Crawl. Pictures to come.

Last, I need these. NEED.


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Momber when I blogged?

Tyler Busey put me up to blogging again. I won’t waste time with explanations; here are some things:


These are from  Shop Garbage Dress, and I fricken love them. They need to get on my shoulders right now.


I also finally bought this Surface to Air three-finger ring that I have been wanting forever. It was my birthday present to myself. Oh thank God.

Also, I finally got AnOther today at the bookstore and they did this incredible spread with pop culture icons and beautiful designs from the last decade. Here are the highlights:


Kate in Galliano


Santigold in Vivienne

another 3

MK&A in Calvin Klein. These kill me.

Miley’s new video. I still hate her, but I’m a fan of her legs and this song. I feel like enjoying crappy pop music with lyrics like “I’m nodding my head like yeah. I’m moving my hips like yeah,” keeps me down to earth.

Oh, and here is a picture of Alden Ehrenreich:


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