Momber when I blogged?

Tyler Busey put me up to blogging again. I won’t waste time with explanations; here are some things:


These are from  Shop Garbage Dress, and I fricken love them. They need to get on my shoulders right now.


I also finally bought this Surface to Air three-finger ring that I have been wanting forever. It was my birthday present to myself. Oh thank God.

Also, I finally got AnOther today at the bookstore and they did this incredible spread with pop culture icons and beautiful designs from the last decade. Here are the highlights:


Kate in Galliano


Santigold in Vivienne

another 3

MK&A in Calvin Klein. These kill me.

Miley’s new video. I still hate her, but I’m a fan of her legs and this song. I feel like enjoying crappy pop music with lyrics like “I’m nodding my head like yeah. I’m moving my hips like yeah,” keeps me down to earth.

Oh, and here is a picture of Alden Ehrenreich:


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  1. MD says:

    Yaay you’re blogging again!

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