Whole Top Diamonds, Bottom Rose Gold

Lots to say.

Here are some of the ridiculous promo shots done by the lovely Amy Gee for my Trunk Sale at June Resale last weekend, followed up with two pictures from the actual sale. Daune Stinson (the owner of June) is in LA for the week, but my stuff will actually be available in the store for the remainder of August after she returns. If you missed the sale, you’ve still got a good chance of nabbing some good finds. Let’s all laugh on how much of a not model I am. GO!

What else? Christian had his opera recital and I couldn’t help but buying him this John Derian paperweight, even though I don’t think I’ve ever seen a paperweight used ever in my life except possibly for murdering someone in a daytime soap opera. Christian’s love for pugs knows no bounds:

Now watch this and try not to cry:

Okay, that’s it for now. I’m pulling together a list of jewelry I’m lusting for so that will be posted tonight before I head to LA for the weekend!

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  1. Beng says:

    Ok. How the hell did you get “gayagenda.wordpress.com”? Was everyone else in the gay world f*ing sleeping? WTF. Awesome blog (and address). In case you haven’t noticed, Amy’s photo is of John at the counter wrapping up MY STUFF. 🙂 Can you guess what my blog’s name is?

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