Bomb pops

I torrented “My Beautiful Laundrette” today, a film by director Stephen Frears. It was charming, but the writing of the main character is nearly unbearable. I don’t think anyone could be so naive. It’s basically about this James Franco-lookalike Indian boy whose family had moved to England before he was born. He is employed with his uncle and gets mixed up in some bad stuff, including a romance with a Vanilla Ice-type, street-running character.


I think what I liked most about it was that the gayness was normalized (even if the romance involved a gang leader…).It was just a thing that happened, less than constant moral, internal warfare taking place. I like movies like that.

“In this damn country, which we hate and love, you can get anything you want. It’s all spread out for you.”

Also, everyone knows I’m obsessed with this movie. Michael enlightened me to this video while we were in Milan. If you haven’t seen it, watch it, please. It’s a redub of a Cribs-type show from the eighties starring Brenda Dickson, who used to play Jill on the best show ever, All My Children. Enjoy:

“Remember, when you eat, you’re just a vaccuum with nipples.”


Anyway, its the Fourth of July (if you forgot, which I’m sure you didn’t because everyone’s facebook status is something about lighting off fireworks or driving to Wisconsin to buy cheap vodka). Gahd Blesh Ahmerika.

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New ring, new things


New ring and tank from Len Druskin. The ring didn’t have a real tag, so I’ve no idea what brand it is. The tank is B. Son, which might be my new favorite RTW brand, because everything is so damn soft. I got a cardigan from Len Druskin outlet that is absolutely beyond.

I also finally got ahold of these Matthew Williamson for H&M studded pants yesterday.


Here’s another picture I nabbed from Nitrolicious:


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Oh my Doma, SS10

Here is a continuation of my lust after semi-minimalist/semi-homeless chic Croatia designer Damir Doma. DD’s spring/summer 2010 proves again that men’s fashion doesn’t die when the weather rises above 65 (yes, that’s summer for us Minnesotans). Everything about this line is fantastic and gorgeous. I nabbed some of my favorite looks from WWD.


LUSTING after the sandals… and pretty much everything else.

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A D-I-Y Pride

So, Pride. Most of the usual things you would imagine. I didn’t have a camera, so here are a few photos of my outfits from pride (taken by Sarah Donovan and Becky Lang), both of which had a DIY element (though cutting off jeans a little too short isn’t exactly revolutionary).


This sums up Saturday: tabling/passing out condoms for the QSCC and having people yell things like “Did you sell your soul for those legs?” and “Damn, gUrl” at me.



This is the shredded tee/gold lamé that got me quite a few looks. I shredded the tee myself and most of the time I couldn’t tell if the looks I was getting were good or bad, but I had quite a few people come to ask me where I got it. Becky decided it was inspired by that “dress” Ariel makes out of the ship sail when she gets legs. Also, note the Coke Zero, which was being given away for free at the parade. I never turn down free caffeine/meth.

Though some crazies were out (myself included), I tried not to judge very much. After all, Pride festivals are about acceptance (though, I will not lie, speaking of Judge: seeing a certain ex from not-so-far away and realizing that it wasn’t just the camera adding ten pounds is quite satisfying). Oh, and PS: we got to meet Mpls Mayor RT Rybak and you didn’t.


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Leighton Meester “sings” again, Cobra Starship still sucks

Whoa, I still hate Cobra Starship so much. Sometimes I feel like Leighton Meester is what Hilary Duff should have grown into, had she not completed the math equation Atkins+Veneers=Horse. LM looks good, but the singing is just thoroughly unimpressive. I just really want her to sound like a weird crossover between Mandy Moore, VV (The Kills) and Karen O. Unfortuneately, it’s just Lindsay Lohan – firecrotch.

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I’m Totally Gay for You, Dude.

Read THIS Times article on straight-guy/gay-guy relationships. (Please note that the following picture of Paul Rudd is solely for enjoyment and pertains in almost no way to the presented story):


“Mr. Estrin said he found it easy to socialize with heterosexuals. ‘I find straight men so uncomplicated,’ he said.  ‘They’re just easier.'”

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I want to BE Coco&Breezy

Okay, so I’m home from Europe and such. I’m tired of talking about it so we can move right on to my current happenings.

I lifted the following video from Jahna Peloquin’s blog (“la petit connaisseur de la mode“), it’s a video of mpls models Coco & Breezy shooting for their new line of sunglasses “Gemela Amor.” If you listen, you can hear the best song ever (“Gold Watch,” Lupe Fiasco) playing in the background.

I haven’t seen the pictoral results of the shoot, but here is a pic of the glasses from their blog. I think this is a little intense for my taste, but I like where they’re going with it.


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